Dreams Do Come True!


Anything you can envision, you can create!  Can I share my story with you right now?  I actually envisioned my dream home. . .the one on my vision board!  I am sitting at my computer in this amazing home at this very moment!  Did you say that is impossible?  Oh, no, it is not impossible.  In fact, let me say it again. .. anything you can envision, you can create.  Yes, you can!

How did I do this?  Let me share how this all happened.  In November 2014 my husband Marty and I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a personal development training entitled Master Your Influence that is the brainchild of Kirk Duncan of 3 Key Elements.  We had already been doing lots of reading in the personal development field and had gained amazing insights from people like Jeff Olson (The Slight Edge), Gay Hendricks, Ph,D (The Big Leap) and Alan Cohen (Relax Into Wealth).  I had already worked on a vision board and had put together something that I was trying out with this strategy of envisioning my dreams.  When we spent three days learning from Kirk Duncan we found a whole new body of knowledge that hadn’t been in our world previously.

One of the many things we learned was about how Vision Boards work and why.  So, when we arrived home after the  Master Your Influence event we went to work.  I redesigned my vision board adding all of the images I could find including my dream home right in the middle of my vision board.  We each hung our boards in places that we would look at them every day.  We took Kirk Duncan’s words seriously as he has been using this strategy with enormous success for many years.

Every day I spent at least 3 minutes twice a day looking at my vision board and speaking out loud or silently in my head why I wanted the things placed on my vision board.  In January 2015 (less than two months after we attended Master Your Influence) Marty and I walked into a home that was under construction and I knew that home had to be mine.  At that moment I didn’t realize that it was the house on my vision board.  My daughter pointed that out to me a few weeks later when she looked more closely at the house on my vision board.  Oh, my gosh!  She was right!  I had actually manifested my dream home!  And now we are all moved in and enjoying this peaceful place in a rural community in Southern California.

How did this happen?  When you can actually envision what you want you put a plan in place that allows you to be open to the opportunities that support your vision.   When I walked into this unfinished home I could envision the finished product and knew that this was the home of my dreams.  We had to make it happen!  Everything fell into place.  We had an offer on our home of 35 years the very first day that it was listed for over the asking price!

The rest is history.  Although, I will say that we were tested on many levels during the time between when we made an offer on our home and when we actually moved in.  That story is for another time!

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About Margie Deutsch Lash

Margie Deutsch Lash, MSEd, IBCLC, E-RYT WHOLEistic Life Mentor and doTERRA Wellness Advocate Margie has been working in the Natural Healthcare field for over two decades sharing information about lifestyle choices, infant feeding practices, nutrition, exercise, and wellness. She loves working with people to discover increased energy, improved health, and emotional wellbeing. Today the tools she shares include doTERRA essential oils and supplements. Over the last three decades Margie has been engaged as an author, elementary school teacher and school director, La Leche League Leader, lactation consultant, parenting consultant, lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, and essential oils educator. She has also served on a number of non-profit boards including La Leche League of Southern California/Nevada, the Orange County Lactation Consultants Association (as the founding president), the Orange County Breastfeeding Coalition (as the first president). Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of Yoga Alliance, the International organization that supports yoga teachers, yoga schools, and yoga studios. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves sharing wellness information with everyone she touches.

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