Kissing Boo Boos

Boo boo

There never seems to be a dull day with two little boys.   I can’t remember a day that has gone by without a bump, bruise, scrape or some other kind of boo boo.  How is it possible for two small children to have so many little bruises?!   I realize this is just life with little boys.  The good news is that they just get back up and try again.

In  the past when one of the kids would get a bump I would reach for the lavender essential oil and the arnica homeopathic remedy and we needed a little more support a drop of helichrysum essential oil was mandatory.  This always worked for us to soothe skin.

A couple months ago on my way in to pick up my four year old, CNY, from preschool I was stopped by the director and told he had a boo boo note in his cubby. He had collided with another child while running around the playground. The other child came out unscathed.  However, CNY had a big black eye.   His teacher had put ice on it, but ice alone left a nice shiner.   I gave him a big hug and a kiss.

When we got home we immediately ran to our essential oils and then I remembered that we had just received the new dōTERRA Correct-X.  We had been waiting for an opportunity to try it.  We placed a tiny dab of Correct-X around CNY’s eye and it totally soothed his skin!  We could not believe what we saw!  We reapplied it twice a day and after a little less than a week the skin had returned to a healthy state.


CNY loves it so much that whenever anyone gets a boo boo he says,  “Let’s get the Correct-X.” I love the way it helps enhance the natural process of skin returning to a healthy state after being distressed.   I see no need to use arnica anymore.   Correct-X is our go to.  (As I sat here writing this, CNY came over and said in his sweet little voice “Can I see that picture?  Is that Correct-X?  I love Correct-X!”  You can’t make this stuff up!  How’s that for a testimonial?!?)

We are grateful for our Boo Boo Care routine.   Being an active boy, CNY has had lots of accidents in his short little life.   With our use of the natural remedies he barely has any scars to show for them and the scars he does have are disappearing along with the faint memory of whatever “accident” he had thanks to a little Myrrh and Frankincense.

I can remember when CNY was first walking he had these little “antennas”, two bumps, one on each side of his forehead from falling so many times.  It is hard not to worry about all of the tumbles that our kids get.   Knowing that falling happens and helping them up with an outstretched hand and supportive words, giving them a hug and a kiss and natural wound solutions is all the Boo Boo Care that they need. We always say to our boys, “a tzadik (righteous person) falls down and gets back up” based on a teaching from Proverbs. (Proverbs 24:16)  This is such an important lesson to teach our children on a physical level, and on an emotional and spiritual level. Every fall, whether physical or not, gives us space for growth.   It is up to us to choose to get back up, learn from that experience and move forward.

This is important to remember as a parent,  too.  Each mistake we make as parents gives us the opportunity to learn new skills that make us better parents.  If we can show our young children this opportunity for growth then we are teaching them a vital skill to help them as teenagers, young adults and when they are parents themselves.  The hug, the kiss and the empowering words are  even more important than the use of  the  Correct-X that simply soothes the skin.  The words are what they remember and the best Boo Boo Care we can give to our children.

What does your Boo Boo Care look like?  Comment below.

With love and mindfulness,


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