Spring Cleaning: Inside & Out

Hello world!

We are coming out of hibernation.

Over the winter we experienced many changes and have been busy working on some super exciting things to share with you!

My family has moved into a “new” home and have had some major cleaning to do.  In trying to make this old house feel like our new home we have been doing some major Spring Cleaning.  Through this process we have been dusting and sweeping, spraying and wiping; getting rid of all the years of dust and cobwebs not just in our home but inside of ourselves.  Spring is a time for cleaning.

As we wake up and come out of hibernation we have the opportunity to clean our homes as well as ourselves.  In the winter I feel like the momma bear, just wanting to stay inside and cuddle under a cozy blanket with my family and myself.  I find that I take an unintended break from the phone, social media, friends and even extended family.  The cold just makes me want to stay inside physically and emotionally. And yes even the (not-so) cold brings on the winter blues.  Just as it seems that I could stay inside forever, the sun is shining more, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the butterflies are fluttering and I poke my head out, shake off the (metaphorical and physical) dust, open up the windows and start the spring cleaning process.  I love that every year I get a kickstart into self-improvement and have the opportunity to greet the world again with a “new” me!

While I wash dishes and vacuum I like to meditate.  My thoughts transform with the running water and the whirring of the vacuum, I meditate on my vision I have for my family and my home, my personal goals, ways I can improve my relationships, mantras for reaching my full potential, being the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor that I can be.

We are so excited to be coming out of hibernation, seeing the flowers growing, the birds and butterflies flying around and we want to share with you some of our Spring Cleaning tools.  Where to start, these products are just so amazing!  Using all natural, environmentally friendly cleaners that really work better than anything else that I have ever used makes cleaning an easy, happy experience. We love cleaning with our Spring Cleaning: Inside & Out Tool Kit, these tools work quickly and easily, they are safe on our furniture, appliances,  safe for our kids and pets (I love that I can give my 5 & 2 year olds spray bottles and rags and they can help clean too!) and they smell so good.  What better way to lift your mood while cleaning then with the essential oil experience you get while cleaning your home!

We are going to be giving away a Spring Cleaning: Inside & Out Tool Kit including:

On June 10th we will be choosing who will receive our amazing Spring Cleaning: Inside & Out Tool Kit.  All you have to do to enter is:

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  4. Comment below and let us know:  As you come out of hibernation how are you going to clean up your act?  How have you seen your life transforming from winter to spring from the inside out as we approach summer?

With Love, Sunshine and Clean homes & selves!


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7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Inside & Out

  1. I’m going to make sure I take the best care for my family. Making sure we have a toxic free home and life. Being careful of the sun and to wear sunblock!

  2. We are about to move to a “new” place too. Can’t wait for this ultimate renewal that we’ve been waiting years for!!

  3. Hibernating now with the arrival of our new baby, but looking forward to learning even more natural cleaning ideas to help me clean and be safe for our whole family.

  4. As a music minister, winter isn’t exactly a time to slow down and hibernate for me. 🙂 But I still feel the urge to “clean up my act” come spring and while heading into summer: time to clear out the clutter and freshen up the energy!

  5. I’m hoping to change my routine- instead of focusing on how to prevent getting sick at home, i’m going to air out and focus on uplifting scents and oils to bring more life into the house

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